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Campaign against 20 MPH speed limits

Drivers Harrassed

We have shown on previous pages that there is no justification for imposing 20 MPH speed limits. But if as a road user you drive at what you consider a safe and responsible speed you may still be harassed by police with speed cameras or local residents encouraged by the police.

This goes so far as using school children to promote the message that “speed kills” with drivers being stopped to be educated by them. This is an example of coercing misinformed children who know nothing about the science of road safety into harassing otherwise law abiding citizens.

Why should drivers have to suffer from these activities, and risk collecting fines, points on their licence or driving bans when they may be driving perfectly safely?

Regrettably many of these activities are promoted by those who hate cars and other vehicles and would like to ban them altogether from our roads so that we revert to a pre-industrial era. Road vehicles and their drivers are a major contribution to the economy and the freedom to travel. They should not be harassed in this way.