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Campaign against 20 MPH speed limits


We will add information on important news on this campaign as it arises here.  But there are many other reports on information relevant to 20 MPH speed limits that have been posted on our main national ABD web site news blog here: https://www.abd.org.uk/news/ or here on the ABD London news blog site here: https://abdlondon.wordpress.com/

23/01/2020: Birmingham 20 mph car ban proposals will degrade road safety, air quality and the economy: Birmingham-20

19/10/2019: Information finally disclosed by TfL shows how they deliberately concealed the facts and the business case for 20 MPH limits is very dubious. See: No-Justification .

13/10/2019: A copy of the Powerpoint presentation used by Roger Lawson at the ABD meeting on 12/10/2019 is present here: 20s-Senseless-PPT-Oct-2019 (this is a pdf document - use the Contact page to request the ppt file).

07/09/2019: TfL pushes ahead with 20 MPH speed limits on major roads in London under “Safer Speeds” proposals, making London a ghetto for anti-car fanatics: Safer-Speeds.

01/09/2019: The ABD is holding a meeting for 20’s Senseless campaign supporters on October 12th. Go to this web page for more information and to register attendance: Meeting

12/08/2019: The ABD has launched its campaign against senseless 20 MPH speed limits with this press release: Press Release - Launch